What is Mandala?!
According to Google, Mandala is a circular figure representing the universe, sun/moon, eyes/mouth, human spirit, inner nature, feminism, eternal, unity and the mind through symmetrical images within a circle. 

How to create one?!

Tools to be prepared: 
1. Mechanical Pencil/Ordinary Pencil 
2. Protractor 
3. Engineering Compass 
4. Ruler 
5. Eraser 
6. Clean Paper 
7. Pens (Colored/Black) – for final design 

In a regular size paper, (I used A4 sized conqueror paper as this is the standard paper we’re using here in UAE) find the center of the paper, mark it using pencil. Without measuring the radius draw the biggest circle you can using engineering compass from the marked center to the sides of the paper (this will serve as your Mandala size). Once your perfect circle is done, divide your circle into how many pies you want using protractor and ruler. (I used 10° angled pie to make the design much smaller but detailed) Make sure that you are using pencil in drawing your pies (so that you can erase that later) as these will only serve as your guidelines in making your designs. After that, you are ready to make the designs, you can make lots of designs you want by creating circles inside of your mandala for reference. I suggest you should start designing it from the center until you reach the circumference of your Mandala. It took one to two hours for me to finish one in an A4 sized paper. 

Now that you know the basic, you can now draw Mandalas in any shapes you want depending on your own creativity. Some experts drawn or doodled Mandalas in freehand but for me I’m used to these tools as I want to minimize imperfections and uneven in my designs. 

Why Mandala?! 

Oblivion. The idea of creating it came to me just like that and let’s just say I’m an Engineer and I studied shapes a lot, symmetry, perfection, and endlessness, this kind of art enthusiasts my unhoned artistry skills in such a way of propelling myself to create something which closest to perfection. It was like combining Engineering and Art in one. It can also attributes to what life for me has become, as wherever I go whatever I do I’m always leading back to where I’ve been.

Mandalas by Yours Truly: