black, gold and silver

my first attempt of mandala in black paper... i love it! even if my designs are so simple still it turned out to be simply pretty. maybe because it's black and silver and...gold! lol! i can make this as a gift or postcard for a friend right?! or for a wall...?! i definitely make lots of these..sure do..also the big ones! (harhar)


one thousand and 100 followers

m.s.doodles just reached one thousand followers today. im so thankful that some people appreciated my work even if t'was kinda crap.. (not my best) you guyz are the best!!! by God given talent bestowed upon me, hope i can make more artworks as i wanted to.



hit 816 likes as of this post, feeling overwhelmed as i know this is not my very best..so thankful for all, i gain lots of followers.. 

Instagram Stats as of this post:

inspired to doodle more mandalas even if my hand complains.. yeah! ahaha...

World Map Mandala

one of my favorites, this was inspired by an instagramer i used to follow. i found it really cool that's why i made one too. i remember she only made 6 continents, i don't know maybe she forgot to include antarctica continent...but i believe it should be 7 continents right?! lol. 
when i posted it in my personal instagram account my friend commented on it saying "i saw philippines!" ofcourse maybe i'll forget one continent but never the country philippines even if it's very tiny. lol. hope you like it! 


Butterfly Mandala

it has been a month since i let my instagram art account settle some dust and here it is, i'm back doodling mandalas again, from 500 followers to 600 plus followers now. wow! i didn't expect this really. i'm so happy and inspired to continue what i had been started. this cute little butterfly i had made is for all my instagram followers out there, for all the likes and comments. thank you guyz! aiming for 1k followers this year...yeah!!!


New Sketch Book

another sketchbook to fill up with mandalas, here's my first. hope i've more me-time always to fill up the whole 50 pages. goodluck me. lol


My Mandalas on Instagram

since i'm tired of scanning my mandalas, i decided to just took pictures of it and upload it directly on instagram...if you want to see more of my mandalas just click here  m. s. doodles. follow me too.. thanks! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

below are some of my mandalas which i uploaded days back...