I'm starting to earn Something

it's been a while since i  uploaded my last art print for my society 6 store. lazy to resize them. (lol) and now i'm updating it again as i'm starting to earn something and so happy for that! (lol)

so those are one of the products which i uploaded for my new design. feel free to visit for more ☛ Society 6 Store (thanks!)

First Framed Mandalas

hi guyz! i just want to share my very first mandalas to be framed. this is for my sister's new house in the philippines. 

i really don't like the color pens which i used for this actually, it's cheap so what would i expect?! lol

i'm not feeling well during i made this green one i slept late for this. 

i thought the green one is not that really eye-catchy but im so amazed until i framed both of it.

it turns out that the green one is much prettier than the other. i received comments on facebook for the green one. well, this two are quite rush but im so happy that i still managed to finish it two weeks before their flight going philippines.

Biggest Mandala So Far

and its done, after 3 weeks of wip now its done! but the prob is it's much bigger than the frame my sister prepared for so i have to make again a smaller one than this for 2 frames. urgh...


even if t'was too much big my sister still wants it, she said she will buy big frame for this.

paper size: A3
mandala size: 11.5 inches
colors: poster markers by airline, paint markers by pentel, permanent markers by staedtler & pentel

can't wait to see it hanged in the wall of my sister's new house in the philippines. i told her to take pictures when it's hang on the wall to post in my instagram. (lol)